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Workshop for female scientists: Preparing for potential conflict

SFB 1116

Conflicts are a normal and common occurrence whenever people live or work together. Conflicts often are based on misunderstandings, assumptions, and unspoken expectations that lead to unpleasant situations for the parties involved and may touch upon innocent bystanders. Unsolved conflicts might lead to encrusted (working-) atmospheres that hinder the productivity of whole teams, departments and work groups. Dealing with conflicts is therefore one of the most important management and leadership skills.


  • Define conflicts in a neutral manner
  • Understand conflict cause/effect
  • Conflicts in different forms - personal, interpersonal, structural
  • The steps of conflict escalation
  • Recognize different options of preventing and managing conflicts


  • This workshop will provide strategies how to prevent, deescalate, and deal with potential conflicts. However, it is not designed to deliver solutions towards acute and concrete conflicts.

Content / Learnings

  • View conflicts from a neutral point of view
  • Analyze potential causes for conflict and conflict escalation
  • Understand how lack of communication may cause conflict
  • Practice how to communicate effectively and constructively
  • Learn strategies to deal with conflict on a personal level
  • Practice techniques that you learn in this workshop and analyze these practice sessions
  • Look at the positive side of conflict and see how it is a necessary path to personal and professional growth

Trainer: Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Küsters, Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK e.V.)

Target group: Female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who

  • are, or aspire to be in a leadership position
  • would like to improve their competency in conflict management

Workshop language: English

Registration: https://www2.hhu.de/MachForms/view.php?id=103770



Beginn: 23.02.2021, 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 26.02.2021, 13:00 Uhr
Ort: Online Seminar