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Early Career Support

The research program of CRC 1116 is positioned at the interface of basic, translational, and clinical cardiovascular research, offering a highly interdisciplinary research environment for researchers of the medical and natural sciences. Therefore, it is a central task of the CRC 1116 to promote the career of participating young scientists of all disciplines both on the pre- as well as post-doctoral level. The following central elements are important to achieving this goal:

The iRTG offers an interdisciplinary and ambitious structured doctoral training program for the completion of a doctoral thesis (PhD, Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. med.) for scientists in the fields of cardiovascular biology and medicine.

Scientifically active physicians are indispensable for clinical research, especially in university medicine. The CRC 1116 therefore offers research rotations for clinicians through two DFG-funded Gerok positions to provide a temporary research leave (full time or part time) for young clinicians to work on research projects within CRC 1116.

The CRC 1116 aims to support excellent natural science doctoral researchers in their early career as medical scientists.  Upon completion of their dissertation they can apply for a start-up funding for a one-year postdoctoral position and project costs. Selection criteria include successful and timely completion of their dissertation, accomplishments during the doctoral program, published or submitted manuscripts, and orginality of concept and scientifc significance of the proposed project.

As a measure to strengthen young scientists the CRC 1116 established a junior research group in the second funding period.  This is supported by the Dean's office of the Medical Faculty which funds the group leader position and a doctoral researcher, including consumables.

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