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Practical & Clinical Courses

Practical Course: Flow Chamber System

04.10.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

 The flow chamber system is a basic-method in hemostaseology. The procedure includes dynamic forces in the blood flow and represents a more physiological ‘‘ex-vivo” experiment [...]

Practical Course: In silico DNA cloning strategies

15.10.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

 The participants will solve different computerized cloning-tasks as a basic training for handling DNA sequences. The work will be done independently and/or in groups of two.


Practical Course: Diagnostics and therapy of patients with AMI


This course will give you insides of diagnostics and therapy of patients with AMI. We will show you the cath lab, the intensive care unit and the department of [...]

Practical Course: Characterization of the systemic mitochondrial oxidative capacity and oxidative stress measured by O2k

09.12.2021 - 10.12.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

This course will cover the basics related to the assessment of energy production by oxidative phosphorylation and the generation of reactive oxygen species taking place in [...]

Practical Course: Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis

13.01.2022 - 14.01.2022, 09:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

The aim of this course is to introduce single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) data analysis to individuals with little or no experience with scRNAseq or R programming. Our [...]

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