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Project A04 (Haendeler/Altschmied)

Role of mitochondrial Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase and mitochondrial p27 in myocardial infarction

We will investigate the functions of mitochondrial p27 in the early phase after I/R in vivo in mice containing p27 exclusively in the mitochondria and by applying a recombinant cell-penetrating mitochondrially targeted p27. Furthermore, we will assess if the telomerase activator TA-65 can improve the outcomes after I/R. The role of mitochondrial p27 and mitochondrial TERT will also be explored in mice on a diabetogenic diet. Furthermore, we will prove the concept of potential common upstream regulators of both proteins. Finally, we will characterize their mitochondrial interactome and the impact of both proteins on the transcriptome.

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