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Project A08 (Fischer)

Extracellular matrix after acute cardiac ischemia: Mechanisms of hyaluronan

The project aims to deepen the mechanistic understanding of the beneficial effects of hyaluronan (HA) matrix in cardiac ischemia. Therefore, the role of RHAMM (receptor of HA-mediated motility) will be unraveled using transgenic mice. It will be tested whether further increase of local HA/HA-signaling post-I/R by either deletion of hyaluronidases 1/-2 or overexpression of HA-synthase 2 will improve cardiac function. Furthermore, we ask whether the healing response post-I/R in T2DM is interrelated with cardiac HA synthesis. Finally, chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging will be applied to monitor early cardiac HA in large animals as a potential biomarker.

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