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Project B08 (Heusch/Kleinbongard)

Cardioprotection by remote ischemic conditioning in pigs with a metabolic syndrome

B08 will extend studies on remote ischemic conditioning to pigs with a fully established metabolic syndrome (Ossabaw)  and focus on AMPK as stress response and potential cardioprotective signal: 1. the role of AMPK (by comparing lean wild-type to lean AMPK-mutant Ossabaw pigs), 2. the role of diet-induced metabolic syndrome (by comparing lean and obese wild-type Ossabaw pigs), 3. interaction of AMPK with metabolism (by using Ossabaw pigs fed with atherogenic diet, without and with spontaneous genetic AMPK variant), and 4. release vs. transfer of cardioprotective factors and myocardial responses (by transferring pig plasma to isolated perfused rat hearts ± diabetes T2DM).

Doctoral Researcher

Helene Hagelschuer
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