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Project B08 (Kleinbongard/Heusch)

Cardioprotection by ischemic conditioning in pigs with a metabolic syndrome

B08 investigates cardioprotection by ischemic conditioning in pigs with controlled coronary occlusion/reperfusion and focuses on the endpoints infarct size and coronary microvascular obstruction. In Göttingen minipigs, infarct size and coronary microvascular obstruction are reduced by ischemic conditioning in a sex-independent manner. Ossabaw pigs are characterized by a genetic predisposition to a metabolic syndrome. Currently, we are investigating whether ischemic conditioning also protects Ossabaw pigs from the consequences of ischemia/reperfusion - even after development of a metabolic syndrome. In a translational approach, we investigate whether and how remote ischemic conditioning reduces myocardial injury and improves prognosis of patients undergoing elective coronary bypass graft surgery.

Dr. med. Helmut Lieder

PD Dr. rer. medic. Andreas Skyschally

Felix Braczko

Chantal Eickelmann

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