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Practical Course: Flow Chamber System

04.10.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

 The flow chamber system is a basic-method in hemostaseology. The procedure includes dynamic forces in the blood flow and represents a more physiological ‘‘ex-vivo” experiment [...]

Guest lecture:
Dr. Gustavo Ramos

06.10.2021, 12:00 Uhr - 13:30 Uhr

We invite you to the guest lecture of the IRTG 1902, SFB 1116 and CARID:

Titel: Lymphocytes at the heart of wound healing


Dr. Gustavo Ramos

Immunkardiologie-Labor [...]

Gender & Diversity Workshop (Dr. Lisa K. Horvath): Bias Management for doctoral researchers

08.10.2021, 11:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

How do we want to work together? Managing Biases for Doctoral Students

Unconscious biases and stereotypes go hand in hand with prejudice and discrimination when people work [...]

Guest lecture:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Myron Coffmann, MD

12.10.2021, 12:30 Uhr - 13:30 Uhr

We invite you to the guest lecture of the IRTG 1902, SFB 1116 and CARID:

Titel: DYNAMO: Taking on the challenge of diabetic kidney disease

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Thomas Myron [...]

Practical Course: In silico DNA cloning strategies

15.10.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

 The participants will solve different computerized cloning-tasks as a basic training for handling DNA sequences. The work will be done independently and/or in groups of two.


HHU Career Day 2021 for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

04.11.2021 - 05.11.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

On 4 and 5 November 2021 the next HHU Career Day for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers will take place, this time digitally! 

Are you ready for new career paths outside [...]

Practical Course: Diagnostics and therapy of patients with AMI


This course will give you insides of diagnostics and therapy of patients with AMI. We will show you the cath lab, the intensive care unit and the department of [...]

Gender & Diversity Workshop (Dr. Lisa K. Horvath): Bias management for project leaders

19.11.2021, 10:00 Uhr - 13:00 Uhr

In this workshop, we focus on the strategies and possibilities how leaders in the university and research context can reduce or even avoid cognitive as well as group biases. [...]

Workshop: Scientific Writing (November/December 2021)

29.11.2021 - 03.12.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

Workshop Description

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” (Mark Twain)

A central objective of science, the distribution and sharing of [...]

Practical Course: Characterization of the systemic mitochondrial oxidative capacity and oxidative stress measured by O2k

09.12.2021 - 10.12.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

This course will cover the basics related to the assessment of energy production by oxidative phosphorylation and the generation of reactive oxygen species taking place in [...]