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Workshop Career Development: Personal Development Plan

IRTG Workshops SFB1116 Seminars


One unique asset of our educational concept is the compulsory course "Personal Development Plan" (PDP). The PDP is a strategic vision, that guides doctoral researchers through their path of decision-taking about their future professional situation and professional actions, in accordance with a thoroughly established list of identified personal strengths, interests and values. The courses are given in the first half of the doctorate, in order to encourage our iRTG and IRTG members to reflect at an early stage career job visions and professional requirements, individual abilities and personal philosophies, critical for taking appropriate decisions about the personal career path. The workshop consists of two dates and is planned for fixed groups of 3 persons in Online-Meetings or 6 persons in attendance, depending on the current situation.Worskhosps will start in May/June 2021.

Date and Time

On Demand- starting May/June 2021


Dr. Debbie Radtke, iGRAD

Target Group

Doctoral researchers Grk SFB 1116 & IRTG 1902




3-6 Participants/ per group (online)


Online or in Presence


Registration for Course




Beginn: 01.05.2021
Ende: 31.07.2021
Ort: Online