Educational Program

The educational program of the SFB 1116 is designed to promote professional, i.e. science related, as well as supportive, transferable skills. The emphasis lies on the development of scientific skills. A further important aspect is that the educational program should only minimally influence the laboratory work. Therefore, the total workload is restricted to 300 hours per thesis (3 years) and courses have been planned as short block units to avoid substantial interruption of the experimental work.


The educational program is structured in three sections:

Scientific program (~60%):

  • Lecture series
  • Journal clubs
  • Progress reports
  • Practical and clinical courses

Professional qualifications (~20%):

  • Good scientific practice
  • Protection of animals act
  • e.g., act on genetic engineering
  • e.g., act on radiation protection

Transferable skills (~20%):

  • Project- / self-management /organization
  • Presentation / rhetoric / communication
  • Professional teaching / learning / didactics
  • Special career relevant skills


Scientific Coordinator

Dr. rer. nat. Sandra Berger

Phone +49 211 81-12673
Fax +49 211 81-12672
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